07 May 2015

Jayati Chakraborty responds to the Adda at Ranan with actress Daminee Basu

At the Adda at Ranan on 3 May, actress Daminee Basu shared a performance which is still an art-in-progress piece on Motherhood, from a bigger project that she wishes to do in the near future - 'Project: Stereotype'. Jayati Chakraborty responds...

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What is a stereo type? When does anything become a stereotype? Is this the story of one woman? Or the story of several women? Etc etc..............
So many questions are bubbling in my mind after seeing the performance on 3 may '15 at the Ranan adda by Daminee Basu (Beni). She has recently been working on 'Project Stereotype' where she has chosen to work on motherhood influenced by the pain that she undergoes by the separation from her child. The mixture of soundscape and her silent acting based on some repetitive actions led me to experience a journey of pain, happiness, exhaustion, contradictions.
Looking forward to experience more of these kinds of performance and addas in Ranan.

Dana Roy on two experiences with Gill Robertson and Michael Sherrin

Dana Roy writes on two experiences with Gill Robertson and Michael Sherin - the adda at Ranan on 5 April 2015, and a day she spent at the Think Arts workshop.


On 5th April, 2015 Ranan was delighted to host an Adda with Gill Robertson and Michael Sherin, both of whom were in Calcutta to conduct the first part of an amazing four week workshop-rehearsal process that Ruchira Das of Think Arts dreamt up and organized. (more on this later)

Gill is this wonderfully energetic, incredibly engaging, red-headed crazy person from Scotland with a loud infectious laugh, who, incidentally, formed the Catherine Wheels Theatre Company in 1999. A company that has made a name for itself creating delicious looking performances such as White and Lifeboat (picture below) for young audiences. We were lucky enough to have Paul Fitzpatrick, from Catherine Wheels show us glimpses of these when he visited Ranan in 2012. What I would give to see one of these productions!