19 September 2010

'Adda at Ranan': The Lost Art of Dastangoi - photographs and comments

Photographs by Indudipa Sinha
Mahmood Farooqui, Anusha Rizvi and Danish Hussain visited Calcutta for the first time with their acclaimed rendition of Dastangoi on Sunday, 12 September 2010. Their presentation formed the concluding evening of The New Festival at The Park Hotel. 

The following afternoon, Ranan hosted the trio in an informal adda on their discoveries and experiences with Dastangoi. They talked about the history of the form and its present day situation, and answered several questions which their performance of the night before had thrown up. 


Loved the Dastangoi session. The informality of the space and the event will draw me back to the Ranan space in future too.
Kathakali Jana

It was really nice and interesting. Informative as well. I have got some very interesting insights into this ancient Islamic art of storytelling.

06 September 2010

Work and play at Brindar's 'Tridhara' rehearsals

Click here to see the complete album of photographs of Brindar's rehearsals for 'Tridhara' - hard work, mad play, and downright fun!

 Photographs by Indudipa Sinha

01 September 2010

Tridhara and Ankur 2010

From a novice to a performer: a dancer's journey

Brindar - Ranan's Kathak training wing - presents its students in their annual programme on 9 September 2010 at Gyan Manch, Calcutta. The following day we present ‘Ankur’, Ranan’s 6-year old national platform for emerging talent in classical dance. In effect, the two days exemplify a journey: learning the craft of dance to young dancers who stand on the threshold of their careers.

Thursday, 9 September 2010:

Conceived, choreographed and conducted by Debahree Bhattacharya. Performed by Brindar students

Friday, 10 September 2010:

Ankur 2010

  1. Short Kathak solo by a Debosmita Roychoudhury, senior Brindar student
  2. Kathak by Somdatta Banerjee, Kolkata - disciple of Smt. Rani Karnaa
  3. Kuchipudi by Prateeksha Kashi, Bangalore - disciple of Smt. Vyjaiyanthi Kashi

The two day event will also showcase an exhibition pertaining to the performance created by Brindar students.

All are welcome to both these events
Contacts: 9830673030 / 9831256730 / rananindia@gmail.com

This two-day programme is supported by
* Sangeet Natak Akademi, Delhi
* Open Doors Event Management, Calcutta
* Uma Baleshwar Charitable Trust, Patna