19 October 2011

Bijoya Dashami on the Ichhamati

more photos by Antara Das Gupta

The Ichhamati river forms a part of the extensive border between India and Bangladesh. Our first field trip comprised a trip to Hasnabad-Taki on 6 October 2011 – Bijoya Dashami, the last day of the Durga Puja celebrations and the day the idols of Durga and her family are immersed across rivers in Bengal.

Bijoya Dashami is the one day in the year when border patrolling and control by the BSF (Border Security Force) from India and BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) from Bangladesh is relaxed. The river becomes crammed full of boats of all shapes and sizes – some to immerse idols, but most full of revellers from both countries. A day of celebration when this very questionable border blurs.

Article by Vikram Iyengar in e-Rang

    In this article in the latest issue of e-Rang, Vikram Iyengar reflects on several avenues of public engagement with the arts in the UK. These experiences were all during the one month that Vikram and Amlan spent in the UK for The Edge project.