25 July 2014

MY WORD: the word and performance - a workshop with Anjum Katyal

[Scroll down for reference videos and participant responses]

An exploration of the word – as poetry, as lyric, as prose monologue and in other forms – uttered, enacted and performed. With a focus on the emotional connect, the personal relationship between the word and each of us.

Dates: Friday, 1 August and Sunday, 3 August

Time: Friday, 6pm to 8pm / Sunday, 2.30pm to 6.30pm
Venue: the Ranan Workspace (8 Sultan Alam Road, Calcutta - 33)

Fees: Rs. 600/-

To register, please email us at rananindia@gmail.com

Anjum Katyal has been Editor, Seagull Theatre Quarterly and Chief Editor, Seagull Books, Calcutta, and Web Editor, Saregama-HMV. She has translated Habib Tanvir’s Charandas Chor and Hirma ki Amar Kahani as well as Usha Ganguli’s Rudali and stories by Mahasweta Devi and Meera Mukherjee. She is the author of Habib Tanvir: Towards an Inclusive Theatre and a forthcoming book on Badal Sircar. She is Co-Director, Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival (AKLF), and Consultant, Publications, MAKAIAS. She is a published poet. She also sings the blues and writes on the arts.