16 June 2014

Grace and Balance in Kathak: a workshop with Smt. Rani Karnaa

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What is Grace? What is Beauty?
Is it conventional or convincing tried and tested images that are considered graceful? Or is it that which is intuitively felt and personal that becomes graceful?
Smt. Rani Karnaa approaches these aesthetic questions through the many subtle movements that give Kathak a unique flavour. Beginning with deconstructing the strongly identifiable basic stance, the sessions will explore movements of the head, neck, eyes, wrists, torso, waist and more drawing from her own rich body of work, exploration and discovery along the way.

05 June 2014

Responses to Subhagata Singha's workshop on rhythm...

Dana Roy responds to Subhagata Singha's workshop on rhythm - HEAT THE BEAT...

Patterns exist everywhere in music, or maybe it’s because patterns can exist in our minds that music exists at all. We have note intervals, chord patterns, chords themselves and most important of all time.
You may think that time is not something you can play with, that it flows constantly never changing it’s pace, steadily on from our past to our future, and you would be right. You can’t change time… but here is the fun bit, you can change how you measure time, and playing with and between the patterns of how you measure time is playing with the perception of how time feels.