30 October 2012

Ujle Safed Kabootar - poems for Palestine

Ujle Safed Kabootar
a dramatized poetry reading in Hindustani

Presented by Jana Natya Manch, Delhi
Friday, 9 November, 7pm
at the Ranan Workspace
(8 Sultan Alam Road, Calcutta - 33)

A reading performance of poems for Palestine.

Palestine, the land that nurtured three great religions, a land ravaged by a brutal occupation and seemingly perpetual war, the land of a heroic people. The reading starts with a song on Palestine by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and a poem by the Somalian poet Safi Abdi. The centrepiece of the reading is the poem 'Under Siege' by Palestine's best-known poet, Mahmoud Darwish, who died last year. This is a deeply m

oving, sometimes philosophical, sometimes trenchant, poem that reasserts the basic human values of love, understanding, dignity and self-respect. The reading concludes with excerpts from Nizar Qabbani, Syria's greatest poet. The reading is accompanied by a visual essay by filmmaker and designer Sherna Dastur.

The presentation is of 45 minutes duration, and will be followed by a discussion with the audience

Jana Natya Manch is a Delhi-based group, best known for its political theatre.

Adda with Scottish Dance Theatre

An adda with James MacGillivray 
(Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee) 
and company dancers

Saturday, 3 November 2012, 7pm
at the Ranan Workspace
(8 Sultan Alam Road, Calcutta - 33)

The dancers will discuss their routes into contemporary dance, and what drives them to work in the arts; how to train the body and the mind to work as a repertory dancer, and how they balance the artist/athlete divide. 

Travelling abroad as social ambassadors – how important is this to the dancer, and how is this role perceived by audiences, if at all?

All are welcome. We apologise for limited seating, and absence of parking in the premises.

For further information, please call 9830468110 / 9830015510, or email rananindia@gmail.com