30 August 2011

Three Days at the Edinburgh Fringe: August 2011


a view of Edinburgh (photo: Amlan Chaudhuri)
Edinburgh is – so I have been told – normally a quiet, peaceful, picturesque small city. Every August all that changes with the Edinburgh festivals. It’s crowded, it’s noisy, it’s throbbing with energy, it changes from local to international overnight, it is THE place to be in the UK. Indeed, it seems that everyone who has any connection with performance in the UK moves up there for some part of the month – to perform, to watch, to be inspired, to revel, to celebrate, to learn, to exchange…

10 August 2011

'The Edge': a Transport Theatre, UK - Ranan, India collaborative project

The Edge is a research and development collaborative performance project initiated by Transport Theatre, UK with Ranan, Calcutta with the central themes of climate change and migration as impulses. Funded by the British Council's 'Connections through Culture' programme, this year long performance collaboration project was launched in February 2011 with a series of Skype interactions including rehearsal and performance sharings between Douglas Rintoul and Vicky Long of Transport and Vikram Iyengar and Amlan Chaudhuri of Ranan.

This blog will carry regular updates from Amlan and Vikram over the next month.