01 January 2016

ADDA at RANAN | Iftekhar Ahsan - founder of, and explorer at, Calcutta Walks | SUNDAY, 3 January 2016, 5pm to 7pm

space and time to engage and exchange with individuals and organisations 
that activate, energise and re-define the complex socio-cultural landscape of Calcutta

"what are you passionate about
what makes you tick, why do you do what you do?"

Calcutta. Travel. Learning. Cultures. People. Photography. History. Entrepreneurship

"I do what I do because it is a coming together of all my interests in life."

~ Iftekhar Ahsan


Adda with Iftekhar Ahsan
founder of, and explorer at, Calcutta Walks

Sunday, 3 January 2016. 5 to 7 pm

The Ranan Workspace
(Ground Floor, 8 Sultan Alam Road, Calcutta 700 033, near Rabindra Sarobar Metro)

Born and brought up (and hopelessly in love with) Calcutta, Iftekhar Ahsan’s passion for trespassing is second only to his love for this city. Mired in years of neglect and bad publicity people fail to accept Calcutta for the great city that it is, and Iftekhar started Calcutta Walks to showcase the city in its true spirit. Calcutta Walks has now morphed into a household name thanks to his commitment and dedication to the cause of promoting a sustainable and responsible tourism business. A regular contributor to The Telegraph and other publications Iftekhar has built a reputation for himself as an explorer of the city and one of the best people to walk around town with.

Ranan believes that the performing arts should be a vital and valued part of shared human experience and society. Cities like Calcutta need spaces to connect, exchange, share, inspire and energise. Our monthly addas engage with people invested in activating the city and the extended arts community in a variety of ways, and with the wealth of ideas, processes and approaches that make up the complex socio-cultural fabric of Calcutta. The adda also contributes to making our workspace a hub for diverse creative energies that meet, stay, morph or simply flow through with honest, open conversations and debates between people, experiences and ideas. 
Email us on ranan.artsengage@gmail.com or rananidia@gmail.com for more information.

Finding us:
The venue is on the ground floor of a residential apartment building. 
There is limited parking space in the neighbourhood so please arrive early. 
Arriving by public transport is advisable and easy. The Metro stop is Rabindra Sarobar, bus and tram stops are Charu Market, Rabindra Sarobar and Bhabani Cinema. The venue is a short walk from here.
The entrance to Sultan Alam Road is flanked by a small Thalassemia Clinic and a mosque. Look for a large black gate on your right soon after you enter the lane.
In the unlikely event that you are arriving by local train, the stop is Tollygunj Station on the parallel road to Sultan Alam. We are a five minute walk from there.
If you get lost or confused, please call 8296440089 or 9830468110. We will get you there! However, phones may be on silent mode once we start - another reason to come a little early and settle in. 
See you there.