08 September 2011

Visiting Scottish Dance Theatre, Dundee - 15 August 2011

Driving to Dundee
Janet Smith and Amanda Chin of Scottish Dance Theatre had visited Ranan in October 2010 during their reconnoitre of India along with Nelson Fernandez. Janet – Artistic Director of SDT – had been the guest at one of Ranan’s adda sessions – a report and response by Lav Kanoi (Ranan repertory member) can be read here.

07 September 2011

Watching shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

The problem with the Fringe is that there is TOO MUCH HAPPENING! How does one choose intelligently from a brochure that looks frighteningly like the Yellow Pages? Everything can’t be worth watching – in fact, everything isn’t. There is a lot of trash, but – how does one sort the grain from the chaff? And we had only two days! Thankfully, we were staying with Emma – a member of Transport – who had her ear to the ground and pulled together a short list of half a dozen things we should see in addition to Elegy, which was Transport’s show. We managed to see four out of them. Here’s a very brief response to each.