06 April 2011

Ranan's 'Rangeeniyan' at the Beldih Club, Jamshedpur

Ranan performs Rangeeniyan - a production celebrating the many moods of the seasons and the journey of love - at the Beldih Club, Jamshedpur on 7 April 2011 for an international conference organised by Tata Steel.

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01 April 2011


[Ranan is working towards a new experimental production to premiere in May 2011. Tentatively titled 'Conversations', the production emerges out of a year's work with the Ranan Repertory playing with elements of Kathak, spoken text, music impulses, movement, song and more. 
Over the next couple of months this blog will carry rehearsal notes from director Vikram Iyengar, responses from performers / co-creators, photographs and video clips of the creative process - a lot of work flavoured with an indispensable touch of madness!]

A response to a piece of text by Debosmita Roychoudhury – Ranan Repertory member and Brindar student.
- Vikram Iyengar

      Debosmita's text:
"The world comprises various diversities. Each race has its own language to connect to the rest of the world. But Art is the only language which is perceived by the whole world as one.
Onto that I hold, Dance is the one through whom I can connect myself to the world.
A little girl who was gifted by the Almighty so well that she couldn’t even stand on her own feet, but dreamt of making a stand among those who touch the sky. Well, that’s me.
It was the word ‘Kathak’ that brought me from being a no one to being a someone. 
It was a time when I was too little to even know the meaning of Kathak. But it was the only petrol which could boost my passion. And above all it was the heavenly blessing that all children are entitled to – my mom, who carried me all the way from that dream to reality."
Process Photographs: 28 March 2011
A text from a dancer with one false leg, a text which addresses something that most of us take for granted: how do we stand, how do we balance?