08 March 2009

Rangeeniyan at Taj Connemara

Ranan is back from Chennai after performing Rangeeniyan for a special show presented by Media Mix Innovative Promotions at the Taj Connemara, Chennai. Conceived and choreographed by Debashree Bhattacharya and Vikram Iyengar, the other dancers included Sohini Debnath, Jayati Chakraborty and Somdatta Banerjee. The light design and execution was by Amlan Chaudhuri.

Rangeeniyan interlaces the moods of Indian musical genres such as Ghazal, Geet and Thumri along with corresponding moods of the seasons. The predominant emotion in these musical forms is Love - Shringar - in its many varied shades and experiences ranging from the joy of togetherness to the pain of separation and the sweetness of reunion. The restless thirst of Summer, the eager hope of the Monsoon. Blossoming love in Sarat, melancholy parting in Hemant. Despondent bitterness in Winter, joyful reunion in Spring. Rangeeniyan evokes this fluid journey through the sensuous and romantic poetry of Indian musical genres and the lyrical beauty and imagery of Kathak.

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